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ClearSounds CLS-IL95 Portable Amplifier 40dB Increase

    • ClearSounds portable phone amplifier
    • A useful product to substantially boost the listening volume of your existing telephone and reduce the need for callers to repeat themselves
    • Ideal for those who find their telephone not as loud as it used to be
    • Designed for use with most corded home or office telephones with the dial pad located on the telephone base. Simply connect this unit to your existing corded telephone and your conversations become LOUDER and CLEARER
    • Automatically switches on every time you lift the handset and switch off when you replace the handset back to the base
    • Not compatible with cellular, cordless, trimline or princess style phones
    • 40dB Adjustable amplification with tone control
    • User-friendly controls
    • Easy installation
    • Free tech support for life of the product
    • Eco friendly
    • No need to replace your existing telephone
    • Powered by AC adapter (included) or optional 9-volt battery (not included)
    • Separate volume and tone controls with a slider movement for easy adjustment and multiple levels of amplification
    • Offers a 30dB max gain with the slider controls plus a 10dB 'Boost' button for occasional added amplification
    • Universal telephone compatibility dial works with just about any phone with a modular connector
    • Best sound quality
    • UltraClear sound-clarifying technology allows you to "shape" sound to match your hearing needs
    • Compact size designed for easy transport
    • Universal dial provides compatibility on 99% of telephones
    • Compatible with digital office phones and VOIP phones
    • If you try to use the IL95 to amplify an already amplified telephone you may experience feedback from the handset
    • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
    • Black

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