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ADR-210 Hotline Auto Dialer

Replace Dedicated Phone Lines with a Touch Tone Hot Line Dialer Why pay the premium of leased or dedicated phone lines?

The ADR-210 will automatically dial a preprogrammed number, whenever an associated telephone is taken off hook.

Using nonvolatile E2 memory, the ADR-210 is telephone line powered and will operate on any reg telephone line or a loop start central office line or analog PABX/KSU extension.

The ADR-210 is easily programmed locally using a standard Touch Tone phone.

We can Preprogram it for free please email us the number.

You will get the manual how to program it together with the ADR-210 in case you will need to change it in the future.


    • Replaces leased ring down circuits
    • Security and emergency phones
    • Interactive point of sale displays
    • Apartment security
    • Catalog sales
    • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
    • Use for money transfer market
    • Hot-Line reservation phones for hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc.


    • Touch Tone programmable
    • Telephone line powered
    • Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required)
    • Programmable dialing speed (normal or fast)
    • Can be set for Mute Dialing
    • Compact enough to be installed in a 2500 phone or in a 2554 phone by removing the plastic shell
    • Pause Dialing ( Ability To Add a Pause Like Dial 9 Pause and then dial phone Number)
    • Remote Programming

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