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Suttle SE-171 Indoor & Outdoor Bell Telephone Ringer

      Loud ringing bell designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Ideal for factories, farms, offices or any location where an audible signaling device is needed. The bell is equipped with a volume control that turns the volume down, but not off. It is also equipped with #6 SEM screw terminations for outdoor connection of standard telephone I/O wire. The SE-171 functions on straight line ringing 20 cycle through 40 cycle. It is constructed of flame-retardant thermoplastic with a semi-gloss finish. Two wood screws are included for mounting. UL certified.
      • Ringing Voltage - 45 VAC - 130 VAC
      • Sound Level Rating - 90 dB
      • REN - 1.0
      • Dimensions - 11 x 6-3/8 x 4-1/2
      • Suttle loud indoor/outdoor bell
      • Contains a modular jack that accepts line cords for plug-in installation and is available in single-line only
      • Mechanical ringer
      • Modular hook-up
      • Heavyduty
      • Two 4" bells
      • Ringer equivalency 1.0
      • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty


Wheelock WHTB-593 Loud Bell
Wheelock WHTB-593 Loud Bell


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