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Phoenix Audio Quattro Conferencing Speakerphone With USB Interface

    • Phoenix Audio Quattro conferencing speakerphone
    • Designed for large conference room settings, but the small and sophisticated design makes it the perfect solution for medium size conference rooms as well
    • Easy to install: no software to download no discs to upload, just connect it to your network and make your calls
    • Easy to use: utilizes your current phone or soft phone to place calls, speed dial, set up conferences, call forward, put a call on hold, and all of the other features of your current phone system
    • Expandability: units can be daisy chained together in a virtually unlimited string to satisfy any size or shaped room
    • 4 Highly efficient speakers for exceptional output levels
    • There is no other speakerphone with such an extended audio pickup and audio broadcasting range. It is brimming with advanced and complicated technology on the inside but yet very simple and intuitive to use and operate.
    • For VoIP applications: connects directly to your computer through the USB port and works right out of the box, no installation or drivers required (and it supports a sampling rate of up to 44 KHz)
    • At the same time, the Quattro connects directly to your telephone line and communicates with your PBX in a manner that guarantees robust and optimum performance
    • A three-way bridge can also be created between your computer, your conferencing room, and your telephone line. This opens many more possibilities to serve your conference needs.
    • Incorporates your telephone into your conference calling experience: all of your company directory numbers, speed dialing, and conferencing calling features you currently use, are used to make a call; just initiate the call from your own phone and press one button on the Quattro to move the conference over
    • No learning curve or missed feature sets: everyone is productive the moment they enter the room!
    • If a key pad is required for your application, an external dial pad is available to order (sold separately)
    • Direct connection to the telephone line (unlike connecting to the telephone’s headset or handset) guarantees uncompromised and robust communication quality
    • Provides a better meeting experience
    • There is an amazing amount of technology built into the Quattro yet it is about half the size of competitive units that do less
    • Unlike other products that utilize their multiple microphones by gating one of them at any time based on the signal level, the Quattro uses all of its four microphones concurrently with "beam forming" technology
    • Beam forming technology: uses its microphones to develop a beam directed atthe person or persons speaking. our "beam" is not just looking for the loudest signal it is actually checking for noise, reverberation, and stray non-voice sounds like key strokes and door slams, and then works to eliminate them. If more than one person is speaking at the same time the Quattro will effectively create several beams and mix them together in a sophisticated way based on each beam's Signal (voice) to Noise Ratio. This is being re-evaluated thousands of times per second to ensure the best and cleanest possible signal is being sent to the far end.
    • We also provide high definition, wide band audio onto networks that accept it
    • Typical phone lines have frequency responses of approximately 300 to 3500Hz which lack dynamic range and sound flat. The Quattro can provide up to 20 to 20,000Hz for a full sounding conference including all of the voice inflections and nuances that provide for a much more natural and productive meeting experience.
    • Features echo cancellers that provide true full-duplex communication. Most other products either compromise the full duplex performance, limit the loudspeaker sound level, or design the microphone as far as possible from the speaker. Our echo cancellers work in the confined small space that the Quattro is packaged in and with a sound level which is about four times louder than any other product you have experienced before.
    • Versatile and adapt

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